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November 10, 2010 under CANR News, Events

Alpha Gamma Rho is having its first annual coffee and tea sale.  The products are all Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified, CarbonFree Certified and Shade Grown.

The coffee supports the possibility of a real livelihood for coffee growers, a breath of fresh air for the planet, zero net carbon emissions from “crop to cup” and healthy forests for migratory songbirds. This coffee is essentially as eco-friendly as possible and is roasted, packaged, and distributed by Ground for Change.  In addition, AGR will be donating $1 for every bag sold towards The Nature Conservancy.

For more information on purchasing coffee please contact Craig Parker at or Kristofer Dewberry at This sale will be running from now till the Thanksgiving Break. Listed below are AGR’s menus of coffee and tea offerings.

Our Coffee Menu, (All are offered in either Whole Bean or Ground and are being sold for $12 for a 12oz bag)

MEDIUM ROAST-Bolivia “Los Yungas”

Smooth and balanced with a fragrant aroma, this high-grown Bolivian coffee
possesses a rich, full body. When roasted to a medium level, it has a sweet flavor with
notes of almond and hazelnut.


Agate Pass Blend is a full-bodied combination of South American and Pacific coffees
that are roasted to a medium-dark, highly aromatic level. This blend has a smooth,
nutty flavor with caramel, almond and subtle chocolate notes.

DARK ROAST-Peru “Café Femenino”

Cafe Femenino Peru is a medium bodied coffee with a fine acidity, sweet aroma and
hints of baker’s chocolate that are accentuated by a slow, dark roast. We know that
you will enjoy this unique coffee for its wonderful taste as well as for the special story
that underlies its production.

DECAFFEINATED-First Light Decaf Blend

For those who want a great all-day decaf, this full-bodied blend is roasted to a
medium-dark level to bring out a delightful aroma and smooth, mild flavor. SWISS
WATER Process decaffeinated.

In addition to coffee, we will also be selling organic teas for $6 a box.


Earl Grey with Lavender Blossoms

Owes its flavorful foundation to the selected organic teas from India and Ceylon.
These are blended with Bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus, and then enhanced with the
lightest touch of lavender blossoms. The quintessential afternoon tea.

Celtic Breakfast

A richly flavored and robust tea. Leaf from Assam provides a rich touch of malt and
Ceylon teas from mountain estates keep the blend smooth yet striking. Delightful
whenever a strong cup of tea is the favored refreshment.


Dragon Well Green

One of the most famous of all Chinese teas. It has a vibrant color and very appealing
nutty aroma. Particularly well known for a long finish, with a lingering bittersweetness,
this is one of the most refreshing green teas in summer heat.

Moroccan Mint Green

Blended from carefully selected green teas and the spearmint favored in North Africa.
It is a revitalizing refreshment, and a perfect cup with which to welcome guests. A cup
of hospitality and quiet grace, with only half the caffeine of other green teas.


Chamomile Spearmint

Infused with Bergamot, this tea offers a restful interlude at any time. Chamomile and
Spearmint are appreciated for their soothing comforts. Bergamot is the Mediterranean
citrus used to perfume Earl Grey teas and it lifts spirits while calming nerves.

Northwest Blackberry

A celebration of field and forest. Selected wild leaves and berries are honored around
the world for the herbal brews they yield. Here in the northwest, the richness of
blackberries provides a delightful cup of tea. Fantastic served over ice!

“Thank you for your continued support of our chapter and of the environment, we only have one earth.”

Submitted by AGR


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