Thanksgiving Night Punkin Chunkin

November 20, 2012 under CANR News

A team of ‘chunkers’ from Milton, Delaware that includes Jake Burton, a senior in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, won the 2012 Punkin Chunkin ‘Adult Air’ competition back in early November. The three pumpkins launched by their chunker, Young Glory III, never failed to go over 3,000 feet, and their farthest attempt flew 3,887.92 feet, longer than any other team in the competition.

Before winning the title this year, the team had won the competition with Young Glory III back in 2008 when they set the world record by launching a pumpkin 4,483.51 feet.

Tune in to see Burton, Young Glory III, and the rest of the punkin chunkers on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 22, at 8 p.m. on the Science Channel.

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