UD Cooperative Extension offers workshops on preparing food

October 8, 2013 under Cooperative Extension

With cooking shows all over the television, interest in food preparation has increased, but there are still many individuals who don’t feel confident when making food choices and preparing their own foods.

To remedy this, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension will offer Clueless in the Kitchen? workshops throughout the fall. More than just watching how to, participants will practice cooking skills and prepare recipes under the guidance of Master Food Educators.

Clueless in the Kitchen? will be offered from 6:30-9 p.m., Wednesdays, Oct. 23, Oct. 30, Nov. 6 and Nov. 13, at the New Castle County Extension Office, 461 Wyoming Rd., Newark. Cost is $70.

UD Cooperative Extension Master Food Educator volunteers have developed a four-part series for those who need answers to their cooking problems. Through hands‐on learning and guidance by the Master Food Educator volunteers, participants will have the opportunity to learn about cooking tools and methods, kitchen and food safety, and terminology so they can begin to gain experience in preparing quick, easy and convenient recipes.

The sessions will focus on the following themes:

Session I — Just the Basics: Learn how to read recipes and determine if a recipe would be easy or complicated to prepare; learn the standard measurements and terminology used in recipes; understand the concept of a pantry and what items should be considered standard “pantry” items; understand knives as tools and practice cutting with various types of knives; and learn about food safety.

Session II — Stir fry: Using the knife skills practiced in the first session, participants will prepare vegetables for stir fry and prepare grains to serve with them. Participants will better understand stir-frying as a cooking technique and gain experience about preparing simple foods quickly.

Session III — Pasta and Sauces: This session will include recipes, concepts and basic cooking methods for Italian style pasta and sauces. Types of pasta, herbs, oils, canned tomatoes and Parmesan cheeses will be discussed. Various types of pasta and some quick, simple and tasty basic sauces will be prepared.

Session IV — Let’s Cook with Meats: Basic information on selecting, safely storing, and preparation methods for beef. Participants will practice knife skills when working with beef and will learn which cooking techniques work with which cuts of meat and prepare healthy, easy beef recipes.

The registration deadline is Oct. 17. To register for the class, download and mail in the registration form, which can be found here.