UDairy Creamery serves its 100,000th cone

July 17, 2012 under CANR News

Colleen Seemans walked into the UDairy Creamery on Monday, July 16, looking for a cold cone of ice cream to help out with the oppressive heat. She walked away with a whole lot more.

Seemans was fortunate enough to purchase the Creamery’s 100,000th ice cream cone. As the individual responsible for getting the Creamery to its 100,000th ice cream cone sold in little over one year of operation, Seemans received 52 coupons for free ice cream, and a UDairy tote bag filled with a UDairy Creamery hat, shirt, plush cow and bumper stickers.

“I’m so surprised, I can’t even believe it,” said Seemans. “I was debating whether or not to come get an ice cream cone for myself and it’s my lucky day I guess.”

Seemans, who graduated from the University of Delaware in 1993 with a degree in exercise physiology and whose husband is an alum of UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, said that she brings her family to the UDairy Creamery about 10 times during the summer and that her favorite flavor is the Delaware River Mud Pie.

Melinda Litvitnas, UDairy Creamery manager, said that the Creamery had wanted to do something special for the lucky patron who purchased the 100,000th cone.

“I was going through our item sales statistics and when I added up how many ice cream cone servings we had, it was at about 89,000 so I knew we were close.” Litvinas said that getting to 100,000 cones equals 143 tons of ice cream, or roughly the weight of 200 cows. Out of those scoops served by the UDairy Creamery, Litvinas noted that 7 percent of the patrons like sprinkles on their cones.

Litvinas also said that getting to 100,000 shows how great the community support has been for the Creamery during the past year.

“Without the support of the UD community and its alumni, we wouldn’t have been able to reach our milestone because other than marketing to the UD community, everything else has been word of mouth.”

Litvinas also marveled at how fast they reached this number. “Fourteen months ago we weren’t even open, and the fact that we’ve learned how to make ice cream and serve that many people in this amount of time is pretty awesome.”

As for plans for their 200,000th cone, Litvinas said, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

For more information on the UDairy Creamery, visit its website.

Article by Adam Thomas

Photos by Danielle Quigley

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