Fabi crowned 2012 Delaware Dairy Princess

April 24, 2012 under CANR News

Amanda Fabi has been named the 2012 Delaware Dairy Princess, an honor befitting a student who spends her time working at the UDairy Creamery and milking cows on the University of Delaware’s Newark farm.

Fabi, who majors in pre-veterinary animal bioscience in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, had to compete against someone very close to home to earn the crown: her sister, Megan. Of vying with her sister for the top prize, Fabi said that there wasn’t so much a sibling rivalry as there was a sibling cooperation. “We were each others support system,” said Fabi. “We helped each other get ready, so it was cool.”

The Felton Delaware native served as the Delaware Dairy Princess alternate last year, and said that the experience helped prepare her as she competed for the Dairy Princess crown. The competition had three categories, with the participants having to do a skit which promoted the dairy industry, followed by an interview and an impromptu question.

Fabi said that she lucked out on the question portion of the competition, as her question was about hormones in milk, a topic she was familiar with having done her freshman research paper on the subject.

As the Delaware Dairy Princess, Fabi was awarded $1,000 to go along with the title and she said that her duties will include going to different events “such as the state fair or to day camps for little kids or elementary schools and basically promoting the dairy industry and explaining to kids exactly where their food comes from when they buy it from the store.”

Fabi said that the summer is a busy time as she has to talk to many 4-H camps and spend lots of time at the Delaware State Fair. There is also Governors Day, where she said she gets to “walk around with the Governor and Miss Delaware and we get our own body guards, it’s pretty cool, you feel important for the day.”

Of her time working at the UDairy Creamery, Fabi said that she loves all the new flavors that the Creamery comes up with, as well as being involved from the start—with the milking of the cows—to the finish, actually getting to sell the ice cream, epitomizing the UDairy slogan “from the cow to the cone.” She says that she is “old fashioned” when it comes to her ice cream flavor selection, with her favorite being butter pecan.

When she is done at UD, Fabi said that she wants to be an animal virologist. “It sounds weird but I like diseases and learning about them and how to prevent them,” said Fabi.

As for studying at UD, Fabi said that she enjoys the “family atmosphere” of her major. “The people within our major are so close and it’s basically like a family,” said Fabi. “We help each other study for exams and for things like organic chemistry, and we can always go to each other and get help with projects and it’s just really nice.”

Article by Adam Thomas