CANR Alum first U.S. Delegate at the Nuffield International Farming Scholars Contemporary Scholars Conference

May 23, 2012 under CANR News

Jean Lonie, Pfizer Animal Health Marketing Communications Manager who graduated from the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, had the honor of being the first ever U.S. Delegate to attend the recent Nuffield International Farming Scholars Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) in London and Amsterdam.

The Nuffield International CSC brings together more than 50 competitively selected Nuffield International Farming Scholars annually from seven participating nations, as well as delegates from nonparticipating countries. Since the United States is not a Nuffield member nation, Lonie will work with the Eisenhower Fellowship program, a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization seeking to foster international understanding and leadership through the exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives among emerging leaders throughout the world, and Nuffield International to develop a plan that will ensure opportunities for U.S. producers to participate in the CSC and build a connection with the Nuffield network.

Lonie said that she was excited by the desire in the Nuffield organization and in the U.S. to connect the two entities. “Having experienced the benefits of this organization firsthand, my goal is to look at how to formalize this relationship and generate a stronger connection with Nuffield International, so U.S. producers have the opportunity to benefit from this amazing program dedicated to building the personal and professional capacity of agriculturalists.”

This year’s CSC was attended by 63 scholars and gave delegates the opportunity to travel through the Netherlands and London to learn about contemporary agriculture production and policy issues in the host nations and across the globe.

Nuffield scholars come to the conference with a chosen individual study topic, and Lonie’s study topic was focused on creating a more formal connection between the United States and the Nuffield International program, specifically the role of agribusinesses in supporting the leadership development of farmers.

“Across the globe, farmers and ranchers are developing new best practices that can help us safely, affordably and sustainably feed a growing population,” said Lonie. “Many of the thought leaders behind these practices have a unique common bond — they are Nuffield Farming Scholar alums.”

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