UD’s popular Farmers Market to be held Thursdays at Mentors’ Circle

June 13, 2012 under Events

The University of Delaware’s popular Farmers Market returns for its third season at Mentors’ Circle, with market days scheduled Thursdays from June 14 through Sept. 13.

The market will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sponsored by UD Dining Services, this year’s Farmers Market will feature baked goods and fresh produce from 21 local farms, including Butler, Millbridge, Country Fresh, Six L’s, Heath Farms and Vessey Orchards.

Along with fresh fruits and vegetables, the Farmers Market will offer a Chef’s Table and sampling of freshly made salads, salsas and various other dishes that can easily be prepared at home with the items available at the market. The Chef’s Table will run from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

To top it all off, UDairy Creamery will be joining the Farmers Market each week with a variety of ice cream flavors for sale.

Accepted forms of payment are points, flex and cash.

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UDairy Creamery gets birthday cake, new flavor at Ag Day 2012

May 1, 2012 under CANR News

The unseasonable cold did not stop people from making tracks to Ag Day 2012. This year’s event featured a free flight bird show, a beehive demonstration, a tree climbing exhibition, live bands and a special birthday party for the UDairy Creamery, which celebrated the opening of its doors one year ago at Ag Day 2011.

At the birthday celebration, Robin Morgan, dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), welcomed everybody to Ag Day 2012 and thanked those responsible for organizing the event.

Morgan then focused on the UDairy Creamery birthday celebration, saying, “We broke ground two years ago, last year we cut the ribbon and today we’re going to have a birthday cake.”

Katy O’Connell, communications manager for CANR, spoke next, thanking all those in attendance and taking a moment to recognize Morgan, who will be stepping down as dean and returning to the faculty at the end of this academic year.

O’Connell thanked Morgan for everything that she has done for CANR, saying, “She has just been such a wonderful support for Ag Day and the team. And anytime we’ve had a new idea, she’s supported us wholeheartedly.  She’s always here every Ag Day from the minute we open until the last table is taken down. She’s really been great and we wanted to thank her especially at this Ag Day.”

Morgan was then in for a surprise treat as O’Connell handed over the microphone to Melinda Litvinas, UDairy Creamery manager, who informed Morgan that the creamery has created a special flavor in Morgan’s honor.

Litvinas said, “We don’t know if Dean Morgan has noticed this yet, but in honor of her support of the UDairy Creamery in the past years, we’re now selling ‘Robin’s Egg,’ which is vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and toffee pieces.”  The flavor was inspired by a submission by Mark Barteau, UD senior vice provost for research and strategic initiatives, in the fall Blue Hen Signature Flavor Contest.

Litvinas went on to announce that the creamery will now be making and selling their very own ice cream cakes, which will be available in different sizes in the store, and can be ordered on-line at the creamery website.

The birthday cake, made by Leigh Ann Tona, a management major with an entrepreneurial studies minor who works at the creamery, was then unveiled and Jacob Hunt, a senior in CANR and assistant manager of the UDairy Creamery, led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday.

Article by Adam Thomas

Photos by Danielle Quigley

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Fabi crowned 2012 Delaware Dairy Princess

April 24, 2012 under CANR News

Amanda Fabi has been named the 2012 Delaware Dairy Princess, an honor befitting a student who spends her time working at the UDairy Creamery and milking cows on the University of Delaware’s Newark farm.

Fabi, who majors in pre-veterinary animal bioscience in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, had to compete against someone very close to home to earn the crown: her sister, Megan. Of vying with her sister for the top prize, Fabi said that there wasn’t so much a sibling rivalry as there was a sibling cooperation. “We were each others support system,” said Fabi. “We helped each other get ready, so it was cool.”

The Felton Delaware native served as the Delaware Dairy Princess alternate last year, and said that the experience helped prepare her as she competed for the Dairy Princess crown. The competition had three categories, with the participants having to do a skit which promoted the dairy industry, followed by an interview and an impromptu question.

Fabi said that she lucked out on the question portion of the competition, as her question was about hormones in milk, a topic she was familiar with having done her freshman research paper on the subject.

As the Delaware Dairy Princess, Fabi was awarded $1,000 to go along with the title and she said that her duties will include going to different events “such as the state fair or to day camps for little kids or elementary schools and basically promoting the dairy industry and explaining to kids exactly where their food comes from when they buy it from the store.”

Fabi said that the summer is a busy time as she has to talk to many 4-H camps and spend lots of time at the Delaware State Fair. There is also Governors Day, where she said she gets to “walk around with the Governor and Miss Delaware and we get our own body guards, it’s pretty cool, you feel important for the day.”

Of her time working at the UDairy Creamery, Fabi said that she loves all the new flavors that the Creamery comes up with, as well as being involved from the start—with the milking of the cows—to the finish, actually getting to sell the ice cream, epitomizing the UDairy slogan “from the cow to the cone.” She says that she is “old fashioned” when it comes to her ice cream flavor selection, with her favorite being butter pecan.

When she is done at UD, Fabi said that she wants to be an animal virologist. “It sounds weird but I like diseases and learning about them and how to prevent them,” said Fabi.

As for studying at UD, Fabi said that she enjoys the “family atmosphere” of her major. “The people within our major are so close and it’s basically like a family,” said Fabi. “We help each other study for exams and for things like organic chemistry, and we can always go to each other and get help with projects and it’s just really nice.”

Article by Adam Thomas


Come Make Tracks and Volunteer at Ag Day 2012!

April 16, 2012 under CANR News

Ag Day is an annual tradition held by the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. This year, on April 28th from 10 am to 4 pm, people will be visiting from all over the area to experience agriculture and the natural world through hands on education exhibitors, live demonstrations, as well as great food and music. Oh, and let’s not forget about that amazing ice cream from the UDairy Creamery!

Ag Day is an amazing experience, but with a crowd of over 5000 people, Ag Day would not be able to operate without the help of volunteers. Volunteers will work for periods of 2 hours and 10 minutes over the course of the day (from 8 am to roughly 6pm). This is a great way to earn some of those community service hours you may need! Plus, all volunteers receive a FREE colorful volunteer t-shirt, and when your shift is over, we encourage you to go explore the rest of Ag Day! There is also shift on Friday, April 27th from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm to help with set up. An important note: those who sign up for the cleanup shift on Saturday from 4 pm to about 6 pm will also receive FREE pizza!

Please remember, Ag Day is not successful without the help of volunteers! It’s you that makes Ag Day so special, so come make your mark on April 28th! If you are interested in helping  out, please contact the Ag Day team at agday.volunteers.2012@gmail.com with any time conflicts, and we will sign you up for a shift. If you are an Ag Ambassador please let us know!

Thank you,

The Ag Day Team


UD senior set to Open Food Cart Business

April 9, 2012 under CANR News

Having secured a space at the Delaware Tire Center across from the University of Delaware’s south Newark campus, UD senior Leigh Ann Tona will be serving up sandwiches to members of the UD and Newark community from her “I Don’t Give a Fork” food cart. If you’re looking for utensils to eat your tasty meal, however, you’re going to have to bring your own.

“I Don’t Give a Fork” will serve up delicious sandwiches, wraps and paninis, all foods designed for patrons to eat with their hands. The business is part of the UDSeed Project, an innovative web platform launched by UD’s Entrepreneurial Studies Program that enables alumni, faculty, staff and community members to participate in the inspiring work that UD students do every day.

Tona, a management major with an entrepreneurial studies minor, said that she got the idea for the food cart when her hometown friend told her about how she worked on a food truck during the summer. Once she heard about the food truck, Tona said that she thought it sounded like a pretty “low cost start up business” that she wanted to explore.

Having wanted to own her own business since she was 13, Tona said that she is excited that an idea hatched in her entrepreneurship classroom has blossomed into an actual business. “It sort of went from being a joking around idea to a project for a class to me saying, ‘you know what, I’ve always wanted to do this so, might as well.’”

As for the attention-grabbing name, Tona said that she and her roommates sat around when they were bored throwing around names just for fun, and that her roommate actually came up with the “I Don’t Give a Fork” moniker. When asked about royalties, Tona said, “She gets free sandwiches for life.”

With regards to the menu, Tona explains that she will serve breakfast sandwiches, such as egg and bacon, egg and cheese, and egg and sausage, in the morning and deli sandwiches at lunch. She will also have a rotating “specialty menu” which will change based on the popularity of certain items.

The specialty menu will include things like “The Mac and Cheesesteak” which, she explained, is exactly as it sounds, a cheesesteak sandwich smothered with macaroni and cheese. She also envisions a sandwich called “The Freshmen Fifteen,” which will be a sandwich stuffed with items like mozzarella sticks, French fries and chicken.

Having worked at the UDairy Creamery for over a year, Tona said she often over hears patrons complain about the lack of food options on the south Newark campus and that they usually order something from Main Street. Tona said that this gets pricey, as a ten-dollar order can quickly turn into a fifteen-dollar order with tip and a delivery charge. “I’m hoping that people will prefer to walk an extra 5 minutes to get a sandwich than pay an extra 5 dollars for delivery,” said Tona.

With her soft opening scheduled for mid-August, Tona said that she plans to open for business in September, with a grand opening taking place when all the students have returned. She is planning on being open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. and on weekends for special occasions, like football games and other sporting events.

For more information on “I Don’t Give a Fork,” visit the website or Facebook page.

To read about other UDSeed Projects, check out the article on UDaily.

Article by Adam Thomas


UDairy Creamery a finalist in national dairy beverage competition

March 19, 2012 under CANR News

The UDairy Creamery student management team at the University of Delaware has been selected as a top six finalist in the Dairy Research Institute (DRI) product competition to develop a cutting-edge dairy beverage.

Pictured are (from left) Jenna Byers, Teresa Brodeur, Melinda Litvinas, Rebecca Sheahan and Jacob Hunt.

Student team members, who are mentored by creamery manager Melinda Litvinas, are Jacob Hunt, Rebecca Sheahan, Teresa Brodeur and Jenna Byers.

According to Shantanu Agarwal, director of product research and ingredient technology with DRI, the UDairy Creamery team’s product “was recognized as a potential cutting-edge dairy beverage that meets the challenging needs of the consumer marketplace.”

Because the competition is still in process, the UDairy Creamery team and DRI are unable to release the details of the product that was presented for the competition.

As a finalist in the competition, the UDairy Creamery must now submit a 10-page report by April 30 and product samples by May 24. On May 30, they will participate in a webinar to present their product to a panel of judges.

A panel of 10 judges, which includes dairy producers, representatives from media, technical and marketing representatives from various dairy processors and heads of trade organizations, will review submissions and announce the top three winners for the competition in mid-June.

The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students and will recognize three outstanding individuals or teams, with awards totaling:

  • First prize, $8,000
  • Second prize, $5,000
  • Third prize, $3,000

The top three winners will be highlighted and awards presented at American Dairy Science Association annual meeting in Phoenix, July 15-19.  DRI will provide up to $1,000 in travel support to the three winning teams.

The UDairy Creamery, established in 2008, produces premium ice cream made with the milk from the cows on the farm at the University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Founded on science, sustainability and entrepreneurship, the creamery encourages discovery learning, with University students involved in every aspect of making and selling ice cream “from the cow to the cone.”

The Dairy Research Institute was established under the leadership of America’s dairy farmers with a commitment to nutrition, product and sustainability research. The organization was created to strengthen the dairy industry’s access to and investment in the technical research required to drive innovation and demand for dairy products and ingredients globally.

Originally posted on UDaily, March 19, 2011


Native Gifts for the Holidays

December 15, 2011 under CANR News, Cooperative Extension

Gift certificates for UDairy Creamery ice cream make a great holiday treat.

The holiday season is right around the corner. Some folks wrapped up their shopping on Black Friday but plenty haven’t finished the task – and some haven’t even started.

No worries. We’ve rounded up some great gift ideas. Best yet, these gifts have a uniquely Delaware focus. Some choices – like landscape design classes – are tailor-made for outdoorsy types. Others gifts – like Delaware wool blankets — work equally well for couch potatoes who just gaze at the landscape from their windows.

From spices to vines 

A few years ago, New Castle County Master Gardeners began offering winter workshops in addition to their regular fall and spring classes. “The response was overwhelming,” says Carrie Murphy, the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension horticultural agent for New Castle County. “January and February aren’t good for gardening but they’re perfect for learning new ways to garden and planning for the season ahead.”

Winter workshop topics include vines and espaliers, downsizing your garden, and the origin of cooking spices. For the complete list, go to this website.

To purchase a gift certificate for a Master Garden workshop, call 302-831-COOP.

Keep warm with Delaware wool

UD’s flock of Dorset ewes get sheared every spring before going out to summer pasture. Previously, their wool was sold at a regional auction to wool processors. Then farm superintendent Scott Hopkins and animal science professor Lesa Griffiths put their heads together and, soon after, Blue Hen Blankets and Yarn was born. Now, after the sheep are sheared, the wool is sent to a Canadian mill to create cozy blankets in two styles — a lap throw and a queen-size version.

The blankets have plenty of heft — each lap throw requires four pounds of wool and the queen-sized contain 12 pounds.  The lap size is $100 and queen-size $175. Buy them at the UDairy Creamery on UD’s South Campus. For creamery location and hours, see the website.

A gift that lasts all year

Surfing at Indian River Inlet and swimming at Fenwick Island. Hiking at Alapocas Run and biking at White Clay Creek. Pond fishing at Killens Pond and surf fishing at Cape Henlopen. Give them an annual pass to Delaware’s state parks, where they can enjoy their favorite outdoor activity — or try something new.

Annual passes range in price from $12 for a senior citizen to $54 for an of-state resident. For more info, or to buy a pass online, go to the state parks website.

UD profs and other experts at Longwood

Don’t let “Tips for Turf Diagnosis: Insect and Disease Management” scare you. Sure, Longwood Gardens’ continuing education program has serious classes for pros. But there’s also “beginning bonsai” and “orchids for beginners.” Your gift recipient doesn’t even have to be a gardener — birding, photography, art and flower arranging classes also are offered.

UD prof Sue Barton teaches the fundamentals of sustainable landscape design in a five-session class; UD adjunct instructor Jon Cox presents the secrets to photographing water in an all-day session. For the full schedule of classes go to the Longwood website and click on “education.”

Longwood gift cards can be purchased on Longwood’s website or at the Kennett Square, Pa., gardens.

Give ’em Delaware River Mud

Mud pie ice cream, that is.

Delaware River Mud Pie is the most popular flavor at the UDairy Creamery, according to manager Melinda Litvinas. This ice cream pairs vanilla and chocolate cookie with swirls of fudge.

Plus, the creamery offers seasonal selections, including peppermint bark, eggnog, gingerbread and peppermint hot chocolate. Gift certificates are available in $5 denominations, perfect for stocking stuffers.

You may want to pick up All Nighter for yourself. This concoction of coffee ice cream and cookie dough chunks, crushed cookies and fudge swirl won a recent flavor creation contest. It was concocted by UD senior Kate Maloney. According to her contest entry, “Every college student has to pull an all-nighter at some point… [this ice cream] gives you the sugar rush you need to survive a 24-hour cram session.”

All Nighter could be just thing for assembling toys late on Christmas Eve, too.

The UDairy Creamery is located behind Townsend Hall on the Newark campus. The creamery closes on Dec. 23 at 5 p.m. (and re-opens Jan. 3). For more information, see the UDairy Creamery website.

Article by Margo McDonough

Photo by Danielle Quigley


UDairy Creamery announces holiday promotions, hours

December 8, 2011 under CANR News

Community members are invited to enjoy the holiday season with some sweet treats from the University of Delaware’s UDairy Creamery.

The creamery, located adjacent to Townsend Hall, has announced the following limited-time, winter holiday flavors:

  • Peppermint bark, a white chocolate ice cream with crushed candy canes and chocolate chunks.
  • Eggnog ice cream.
  • Gingerbread, featuring gingerbread ice cream with crushed gingersnap cookies.
  • Peppermint hot chocolate, featuring peppermint chocolate ice cream with Andes mints.

These and other year-round flavors are available in pints, half-gallons and 2.5-gallon bulk containers. Perfect for parties, the 2.5-gallon containers serve approximately 75-80 single scoops.

The creamery is currently offering 10 percent off of holiday ice cream preorders of $50 or more.  Visit the UDairy Creamery website for the holiday pre-order form. Thermal bags and dry ice are for sale in case you need to travel with your ice cream.

Need a gift for that Blue Hen on your list?  The UDairy Creamery has gift certificates available in $5 increments, in addition to creamery merchandise such as T-shirts, thermal mugs, hats, plush cows and thermal totes.

The creamery will be closed from 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 23, through Monday, Jan. 2, and will re-open at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 3.

UDairy Creamery products will be available at every UD men’s and women’s home basketball game, even when the storefront is closed.

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CANR Holiday Gifts

December 6, 2011 under CANR News

Need a holiday gift for someone that’s distinctively Delaware? Think about a blanket or skein of yarn made from the wool of University of Delaware sheep.

Products featured by Blue Hen Blankets and Yarn, established in 2009, are made with wool from UD’s flock of Dorset sheep at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

All proceeds from the sale of Blue Hen Blankets and Yarn help to support to the undergraduate large animal teaching programs of the Department of Animal and Food Sciences.

Two blankets sizes are available: lap throws ($100) and queen-sized blankets ($175).

The un-dyed natural wool blankets are edged in blue in true UD spirit.  Each blanket is labeled with an individual serial number.  Customers can request a specific serial number for a surcharge of $10 per item  (subject to availability based on a total of 200 throws and 25 blankets produced in 2010).

Yarn is ideal for making natural handcrafts. Four-ounce hands are available in un-dyed natural ($10), blue ($12) and yellow ($12).

Blankets and yarn are available for purchase at the UDairy Creamery store. If you are not able to visit the Creamery, visit the Blue Hen Blankets website to complete an online order form.  Shipping is available for an additional fee.


UD’s Food Science Club bakes sweet potato pies for Food Bank of Delaware

November 21, 2011 under CANR News

To help those in need, the University of Delaware Food Science Club teamed up with the Food Bank of Delaware to bake delicious sweet potato pies for the Thanksgiving holiday. Those pies will be distributed as part of the Food Bank of Delaware’s mobile food pantry taking place at Eisenberg Elementary School in New Castle from 5-7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Club members estimate that they baked close to 80 pies this year using sweet potatoes grown in the Garden for the Community and ingredients bought through the Food Science Club budget.

The Garden for the Community is located on one-third of an acre on UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) campus and provides a steady stream of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits to Delaware’s hungry. The garden is a partnership between the Food Bank of Delaware and the CANR faculty and staff, undergraduate students and graduate students. Last year, the Garden for the Community donated three tons of vegetables, fruits and herbs to the Food Bank of Delaware.

Patricia Beebe, Food Bank of Delaware president and CEO, noted the importance of their relationship with the University. “As we work to feed more Delawareans, the importance of fresh, sustainable produce cannot be emphasized enough. The pie project is a perfect example of farm to table — sweet potatoes grown right here in Delaware to feed residents of our state. Last year the families who received these freshly-made pies were incredibly appreciative.”

About 20 students, mostly from the Food Science Club but also from the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, helped out this year, doing prep work and baking pies from 12:30-4 p.m., Wednesday, Nov.16, through Friday, Nov. 18.

Kali Kniel, associate professor in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, helped coordinate the event and Melinda Litvinas, manager of the UDairy Creamery, helped the club by ordering all of the ingredients necessary to bake the pies.

Teresa Brodeur, a CANR junior and president of the Food Science Club, said she wanted to get involved with the Food Bank of Delaware after attending service events with her service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, last spring. “One of the service events that I attended weekly was at the Food Bank where we helped to organize the different donated food items. I really enjoyed the people who were in charge there and they made the experience both educational as well as enjoyable.”

Having missed out on baking the pies last year due to a schedule conflict, Brodeur, who one day hopes to open her own bakery, said that she was really looking forward to taking part in the event this year because “everyone seemed like they had so much fun last year.”

For more information on the Food Bank of Delaware, visit the website.

Article by Adam Thomas

Photos by Danielle Quigley

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