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Welcome to the 2009 North American Experience Blog! For this year’s North America Experience the Class of 2010 and Program Director, Dr. Robert Lyons, will embark on a week-long journey, from August 15th to the 21st, to discover the horticultural wonders of the Sunshine State. The trip features six amazing public horticulture institutions including Vizcaya, Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden, The Kampong, Naples Botanical Garden, Fairchild Botanical Garden, and the Montgomery Botanical Center. Click on the institutions above to check out their websites.

Check back soon to catch our first Blog post and feel free to stay in touch by posting comments of your own!

To learn more about the Program’s North American Experience (NAX) and previous trips visit the Program’s Web site at the following link:


One thought on “2009 North American Experience Blog

  1. Hi All: Hey–I thought you were working on a meadow project–couldn’t we have had the focus group down in Florida? My wife and I visited the Dry Tortugas off of Key West back in January, http://www.nps.gov/drto/
    Have a great trip and especially fun in Key West.

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