Electronics Recycling Day Spring 2014

As part of our Environmental Impact initiatives, The Longwood Graduate Program Fellows hold a biannual Electronics Recycling Day to assist our peers in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware in the proper disposal of their e-waste. Thoughts of spring-cleaning must have been running through the collective campus-mind because over […]

Electronic Recycling Day December 2013!

On December 4th the Longwood Graduate Program once again hosted its very successful Electronic Recycling Day (ERD). The Graduate Program holds this event twice annually, and it is the perfect opportunity to get rid of obsolete and unwanted electronic items. Most of the electronic items are recycled or donated, and items that still function were […]

2013 Spring Electronic Recycling Day

Photography by LGP fellows Friday May 10th, marked the Longwood Graduate Program’s final Electronic Recycling Day (E.R.D.) for the 2012-2013 School year and the final event hosted by the Environmental Impact team for the Class of 2013. On such a momentous day, it’s only appropriate that every single Fellow, our attentive program secretary, Patty, and […]

Electronic Recycling Day

Author/Photography: Chunying Ling With the high speed development of technology, electronics have been generated rapidly, and often just as quickly disposed rather than recycled. In an effort to reduce the College of Agriculture and Natural Resource’s (CANR) environmental impact, Longwood Graduate Program (LGP) Fellows hosted Electronics Recycling Day (ERD) once again on the South Campus of the University of Delaware. […]

Electronics Recycling Day – perfect spring weather edition

(written by Felicia Yu; photos by Raakel Toppila) Tis the season…for getting rid of trunk-loads of old electronics! Some junk items just have more character than others. Our fifth Electronics Recycling Day for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) was held outdoors in front of Townsend Hall, which turned out to be an […]

Electronic Recycling Day-October 8, 2009

The Environmental Impact Team (EI) would like to announce the great success of our second Electronic Recycling Day at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources which took place on October 8, 2009. We were able to collect a truck bed and a carload full of electronic items to be recycled, thanks to the many […]

ERD: Where does it all come from??

On Thursday, October 14, the Environmental Impact team put together the 4th Electronics Recycling Day for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Despite the dreary weather, enough people took advantage of the free two-hour collection of electronics waste and plastic bags to result in these piles: Thanks to Rebecca Pineo for helping us throughout, […]

Third time’s a charm…

The third Electronic Recycling Day went surprisingly well.  You’d think maybe after the first two events of this type that the faculty, staff, and students of CANR would run out of electronics to recycle…But they haven’t!  At today’s Electronic Recycling Day, we collected three vehicles full of electronics and transported them to UD’s General Services […]