An End in Sight, or is it Just the Beginning?

This week, an enormous document cumulating three months worth of research was sent out to the Professional Outreach Advisory Committee (POPAC) for review. Included in the document is the layout for the Delaware Health and Social Services (DHSS) Holloway Campus community and therapeutic garden, which we will present to POPAC as well as the DHSS Garden Project Team charged with developing the garden.

The Design Charrette and Garden Layout Team (Kate, Ashby, Dongah and Aubree) have been working hard to generate the final garden layout. Their first task was to conduct a design charrette, a workshop for designers and stakeholders used to generate a design based on the requirements specified in the design program. Fifteen local professionals donated their creative energy to the project by participating in the day-long charrette at DHSS Holloway Campus. Three teams broke out into two brainstorming sessions in which they generated a rough layout for the future garden. At the end of the day the entire group worked together to transform their ideas into a single garden layout. The Design Charrette and Garden Layout Team then tweaked and translated those ideas to create a functional diagram and a conceptual layout plan for the proposed garden.

Design team breakout session, photo by Dongah Shin

The Green Team's garden layout sketch

Working with the group to generate the garden layout, photo by Dongah Shin

With the design in hand, all of the Fellows generated recommendations and ideas for individual garden areas and elements. The document includes information such as recommended heights for raised beds, materials for pathways, and garden construction phasing. To complement the written recommendations, a collection of images demonstrates ideas such as the garden planting palette, vertical gardening elements, and the appearance of the garden entrances.

On October 28, the Fellows will be attending an event at DHSS to present the final garden layout and recommendations to members of the community and DHSS employees. The goal is to generate interest and funds to help make the garden a reality. Though this will mark the end of our Professional Outreach Project, the future of the garden is only just beginning.

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