Bags to Bricks

On Wednesday April 2nd, the Environmental Impact team organized a trip to Precision Air Convey (PAC) just down the road from Townsend Hall. This local recycling facility gave us a tour and an up-close look at how the process of condensing plastic grocery bags into a solid brick actually works. PAC is hoping that with the help of some University of Delaware interns that they can come up with different ways to use their products (eg. decking materials, retention walls, and even door stops says Dr. Lyons). Take a look at the pictures from our field trip and bring your plastic bags to UD’s receptacle located in the Commons of Townsend Hall to be recycled by PAC.

Thanks Tracey for showing us around!

Technical term for this machine: melter downer of plastickee stuff into bricks

The final product-a fresh brick

No, you can't take that home-Becky!

No, Becky, you can't take that home!

The first prototype was composed of about 250 bags. Jon watches as Dongah and Zoe try not to drop it.

Can you believe this brick is 1,000 plastic bags compacted together?

UD's new plastic bag recycling bin from PAC