Breaking Ground

The planning process for the new therapeutic and community garden at the Delaware Health and Social Sciences’ Holloway Campus is well under way. The first year Fellows have become fully immersed in the project since their arrival on July 1. Together, the Fellows serve on the Garden Design Committee, one of the four committees that will make this garden a reality.

Within our group, a Project Coordination Team, Focus Group & Design Program Team and Design Charrette & Garden Layout Team are working tirelessly to research relevant topics and make connections with stakeholders and professionals. These initiatives make up Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. Phase 3 involves the development of a conceptual plan for the garden, which is scheduled to be drafted by the end of August. Finally, phase 4 will comprise of the development of more detailed recommendations for individual garden areas. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by September 30. The students have a busy two months ahead of them!

On July 22, many of the Fellows were able to visit the site where a temporary demonstration garden of vegetables and herbs is thriving.  We joined the clients of the Delaware Psychiatric Center in tending the garden and discovering the scents and uses of herbs.

Zoe and James working in the garden (photo by Ashby Leavell)

A view of the temporary demonstration garden and future garden site (photo by Ashby Leavell)

Stopping to smell the herbs (photo by Dongah Shin)