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November 6-7, 2008 | APGA/ Sustainability-Centered Operations

Jackie Bergquist, Shari Edelson, and Daniel Stern attended an APGA professional development symposium hosted at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The symposium featured a variety of speakers who addressed challenges and opportunities for public gardens to model sustainability and attendees were treated to a sneak preview of the Sustainable Sites Initiative.


The symposium also afforded opportunity to see how Phipps has integrated sustainability into all of its operations during a “behind-the-scenes” tour of the country’s first LEED certified visitor center in a public garden, and the world’s most energy-efficient conservatory. During the two-day event, conference attendees also enjoyed Phipps’ seasonal exhibition of Chrysanthemums, Flamingos, and Chocolate!

Chrysanthemums, Flamingos, and Chocolate!!!

Chrysanthemums, Flamingos, and Chocolate!!!