January 17, 2010: An adventure at Kruger National Park

This weekend we spent fourteen hours in Kruger National Park; although we did take note of a few plants along the way, the featured organisms were much larger, hairy and itinerant in nature. Alfred, our knowledgeable safari guide, was able to introduce us to not only the “big five” (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros), but also a dozen more besides. Words cannot quite capture the experience as well as pictures, so I will let them do the talking:


Raring to go… the truck offered a great view of the animals, but we had to hold on to our hats when Alfred zoomed from location to location.

Smiling impala

Impala were some of the first animals we saw at Kruger, and seem as common as whitetail deer in a yard full of hosta.

Elephant and Lyons

The proof is in the picture: Dr. Lyons did in fact partake in this adventure!

Lion love

We were rewarded for our 5:30 am start on Sunday by finding these lions soon after entering the park.

Up-close and personal

We saw several elephants along the road; they are known for pretending to charge vehicles. As long as you didn’t back up, they would leave you alone.


After so many years of pronouncing zebra as, “zee-bra”, we discovered that we actually should be saying, “zeh-bra”. So here are a few of the “zehbra” we saw along the way.

Just chilling...

Several rhinoceros were spotted by the group, but we were not able to see any close to the vehicle.

Hide and seek

After beginning to doubt whether we would meet this member of the “big five”, we came upon some standing in the middle of the road. This fellow was hiding in the bush.

Big shoes to fill

Alfred standing in an elephant footprint; he wears a size 10, so we decided that an elephant would wear size 20.

Elephant Family

Why did the elephants cross the road? According to Alfred, they were heading to the river.

Giant Giraffe

Our last animal of the day; we had nearly lost hope of seeing a giraffe up close. But thanks to Alfred, we found one grazing on an acacia tree right up next to the road.

Say, "haloumi!"

A successful safari adventure completed!

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  1. Large African mammals in their own habitat– an awesome adventure for all of you. Thanks for the beautiful humans too!

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