January 18, 2010: A Durban Welcome

Like the animals at Kruger, we awoke with the sun. Two small planes and two short flights later, we had arrived in the city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province.

We enjoyed a brief driving tour and glimpses of the Indian Ocean en route to UShaka Marine World. Our aquarium visit included sea turtles, sea horses, black-light-lit jellyfish, a tank featuring the stars of Finding Nemo, and a live show that curiously combined Zulu folkore, environmental activism, and leaping dolphins.

Much of the beachfront in Durban is under construction. (Read: The 2010 World Cup is coming soon!)

Street side vendors play an important role in Durban’s economy.

Afrikka, Zulu, and Tuna were among the esteemed performers at the dolphin show.

The evening concluded with a lovely gathering at Durban Botanic Gardens, where Curator Chris Dalzell hosted a braai (barbeque) in our honor. It was a real treat to meet with staff, trustees, and Friends members over a deliciously grilled meal. The hospitality of Durbanites is certainly something to write home about!

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    Looks like an amazing adventure guys – are you tweeting thsi??!!
    (actually, bob, if you’re tweeting anything I’ll be very proud of you!)

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