Marketing Team Takes Over Symposium Blog to Advertise Webcast and Relive the Past

Speaker’s Committee is coordinating travel arrangements.
Guest Relations Committee is putting together registration packets.
Marketing Committee is taking a breather! (To work on our theses, of course….)

Our flurry (blizzard?) of activity happened in the fall and early winter. Brochures, webpages, magnets, flyers, advertisements – if it has the Symposium logo, we made it and hope you like it. Now, with only a week and a few days to go, we wanted to reflect on our experiences—and make one more plug for your participation in the 2010 Longwood Graduate Program Symposium.

What’s New for You
If you can’t make it to Longwood Gardens the first week of March, you can still enjoy the Symposium keynote address from the comfort of your office chair!

Tune into the free live webcast, from 1:10 – 2:30 pm EST on Friday, March 5th. Gail Dexter Lord and Barry Lord, Presidents of Lord Cultural Resources, will be presenting “Cultural Change and Public Gardens,” exploring the connections between people, plants, and collections in this age of constant and sweeping cultural change.

Click here for more info and a link to the free webcast.

What Didn’t Quite Make It

The design process for the Symposium logo starts from scratch each September. This year, the “plant in a hand” concept was quick to emerge, but the final product took a little tweaking. Check out these alternate ideas: