Planning of 2011 LGP Reunion

The Longwood Graduate Program Alumni have officially reunited twice before, when American Public Garden Association (APGA) Conferences were held in Philadelphia. The APGA 2011 Conference will be held in Philadelphia, so the current Fellows are excited to announce that we are planning a 2011 LGP Reunion on Saturday, June 25th at Longwood.

The fellows sent out a survey to our Alumni asking about their interest in attending and to gather ideas for what the event will involve. About 50% of Alumni took the survey and we would like to share some of the results here:

Based on the survey results, we decided to divide into three planning committees: Marketing Committee (Chair: Rebecca Pineo), Guest Relations Committee (Chair: Zoe Panchen), and Program Committee (Chair: Kate Baltzell). Another second year Fellow, Laura Aschenbeck, will serve as Alumni Association Launching Leader to coordinate the establishment of an LGP Alumni Association.

Our first full meeting will be in August, when the first year Fellows choose their committee. We are excited to bring them on board and plan a fun gathering for former Fellows!

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