POP 2012 at Awbury Arboretum

The Fellows received several excellent proposals for the Professional Outreach Project this spring and selected Awbury Arboretum.  Now that the First Year Fellows have joined the group, POP 2012 is officially underway!


The POP 2012 project aims to use interpretation to inform visitors and the community of where Awbury is, what an Arboretum is, and how visitors can enjoy Awbury’s resources.  The project will focus in two areas: creating inviting entryways around the perimeter of the Arboretum and creating additional way-finding strategies to help visitors navigate through the Arboretum.


The Fellows will be working as one team and moving through the phases of POP as a group.  The first phase of the project is “research”.  The Fellows are using interviews and written materials to better understand Awbury Arboretum’s history and to get to know its current staff, community and garden features.  Research will also include benchmarking institutions that face similar challenges to Awbury such as other free public institutions in urban settings.  The Fellows will use this research to help shape the interpretive material.

Beth Miner, Dottie Miles, and Bob Lyons, part of the POP Advisory Committee


The next phase of the project will be creating deliverables for Awbury.  The Fellows plan to create informational signage around the perimeter of the Arboretum and basic way finding signage to ease navigation and to inform visitors about the significance of various Arboretum features.  The Fellows are off to an exciting start and look forward the interesting research and creative work that will take place this summer!