POP So Far

photographs by James Hearsum

This summer the Fellows busily worked on POP with two overarching goals in sight. The first was to develop programming that speaks to the mission of the Scott Arboretum while increasing involvement of the Swarthmore community and students and faculty of Swarthmore College.  The second goal was to grow membership at the Scott Arboretum.

Three research teams were established. One team investigated Swarthmore College. The curriculum was examined for opportunities for collaboration. Student interest groups were considered for partnerships. Surveys were sent to faculty, students and staff. We were pleasantly surprised to have 228 student survey respondents. From it, we learned about where students like to spend time on campus, their interest in horticulture-related topics and overall involvement in the Arboretum.

The second research team investigated the Scott Arboretum. Staff interviews provided invaluable insight into organizational capacity. The current arboretum membership program was explored and current collaborations were considered.

The third research team reached out to other campus gardens and arboreta with the goal of benchmarking best practices. The Botanic Garden at Smith College in Massachusetts was found to have many similarities with the Scott Arboretum. Both campus gardens are free and open to the public, cater to a curriculum that does not have a horticulture major and struggle to engage students in the arboretum’s activities. Madeline Zadik (LGP Class of ’85) provided valuable insight into their Curriculum Enhancement Program and other ways the Botanic Garden has dealt with such challenges.

Now it is time to shift focus. How will we apply the knowledge gained to produce recommendations for the Scott Arboretum?  Stay tuned to find out…