Safely in Singapore

January 8, 2012 – Singapore Zoo, Singapore
(written by Martin Smit, photographs by Nate Tschaenn )

Everything went seamlessly as our group all ascended on Singapore from various corners of the earth. The drive to the hotel immediately blew us away because of the scale of landscaping everywhere and the beautiful epiphyte smothered street trees. After booking in at our hotel some of us explored the immediate surroundings while others briefly caught their breath before we headed out for our visit to the Singapore Zoo. We were warmly received by the enthusiastic staff and were quickly astonished by the amazing gardens and surroundings of this wonderful zoo. We were also informed about some of the conservation and education efforts that were undertaken at this institution. We were taken behind the scenes where we had the opportunity to interact with various staff members and of course, some animals.

A quick photo opportunity with some local zoo residents

Sara with some ring-tailed lemurs

Fellows in a section of the zoo displaying ethnobotanic plants

Our first impressions of Singapore were wonderful, not only because of the beauty of this urban paradise but also because of the extremely helpful and friendly people that we have met thus far. It already promises to be an unforgetful experience.

3 thoughts on “Safely in Singapore

  1. Great to see you guys there…the photos even look like it’s hot….I’m jealous! Please give my best to Dan Burcham and my thanks for all his help. You’re all off to a great start. I know you’ll love the place and the people.


  2. We are all glad to see that you made it! We are busy taking down Christmas but everyone has been asking if you guys were alright (especially Shawn we all know Sharon is fine). I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!

  3. So glad you arrived safe and sound. Love the pictures of you at the zoo. I hope you are going to meet up with Bian Tan. Tell him I say Hello. Have a great trip and keep putting up pictures. I intend to check back regualrly.

    All the best,

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