The 2010 Professional Outreach Project has begun!

The end of April marked the first stages of planning for this year’s Professional Outreach Project, which we Fellows affectionately refer to as “POP.” It’s a summer-long effort in which all ten students work together to complete a volunteer project on behalf of a local public horticulture institution.

The five first year students began by discussing topics we’d like to explore, narrowing it down to the big three: community outreach, urban greening, and volunteer programs.  Now, we’re canvassing a few local institutions to see whether they might need assistance with a project in one of these areas.

Soon we’ll gather again to discuss the potential projects and make our final decision. Then, we’ll conduct some preliminary research, split into project teams, bring the newest Fellows on board, and earnestly embark on the busy but rewarding experience of POP 2010.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates throughout the summer.  (There will be no POP quizzes, I promise…)

Blast from the past: The 2009 project culminated in a Meadow Management Plan for Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia (below). Check out other past POPs on the Longwood Graduate Program’s “Publications” web page.

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