Third time’s a charm…

The third Electronic Recycling Day went surprisingly well.  You’d think maybe after the first two events of this type that the faculty, staff, and students of CANR would run out of electronics to recycle…But they haven’t!  At today’s Electronic Recycling Day, we collected three vehicles full of electronics and transported them to UD’s General Services for use on UD’s campus if possible.  From there they will be stored until enough are collected to be sent to organizations that dismantle the machines as teaching demonstrations of how these items work.

Thanks to Shari Edelson, Andrew Gapinski, and Keelin Purcell for your help monitoring the collection site, loading and transporting of the electronics.  We couldn’t have done it with out you!

Please check out the pictures and start saving your electronics for next time. Thanks again for your participation from the Environmental Impact Team, Jon Pixler and Kate Baltzell.

P.S. We also collected a HUGE amount of plastic bags to be processed by local plastic bag recycler Precision Air Convey…

Plastic bags galore

Kate Baltzell, Jon Pixler, and Dr. Lyons showing off the collected goods

Andrew, Keelin, Shari, Jon, and Kate with the loaded trucks-Crazy!

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