We came, we learned things, and a great time was had by all.

(photos by Nate Tschaenn & Raakel Toppila)

That’s a wrap for our 2012 Symposium! Months of hard work came to fruition at last on March 2, where we had a beautiful day to enjoy the Longwood displays and hospitality, as well as fantastic presentations by our speakers.

With well over a hundred attendees and twenty-one webcast audience members signing in from across the country (and even the UK), the Symposium went smoothly thanks to the diligent leadership of Symposium Lead Fellow Ashby Leavell, along with Assistant Lead Quill Teal-Sullivan. Even with all the parts that each Fellow had to play throughout the day to keep the event running, it’s safe to say that we were still able to enjoy the Symposium itself, as we hope our attendees did!

Our registration table all set up for the day.

Ashby Leavell opening up the Symposium.

Keynote speaker Jerry Borin, former Executive Director of the Columbus Zoo.

John Gwynne, former Chief Creative Officer and Vice President for Design at the Bronx Zoo.

Dr. Alistair Griffiths, Horticultural Science Curator, presents the history and current happenings of the Eden Project in the UK.

Kathy Wagner, Consultant and former Vice President for Conservation and Education at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The first half of the dynamic “storytelling session,” featuring storyteller Sally O’Byrne of the Delmarva Ornithological Society.

The second half of the storytelling session, by Huffington Post books editor Andrew Losowsky. *CLAP* (You had to be there.)

Our final speaker, Catherine Hubbard, Botanical Garden Manager at the Albuquerque BioPark.

Many thanks once again to our wonderful speakers, our sponsors, the Longwood guest services team, and too many others to mention in one place who helped out behind the scenes in different ways. And finally, thanks to all the Symposium attendees, who came out to learn and engage with us and with one another on the issue of conservation messaging at our institutions. We hope the experience was worthwhile for all, and that you will be back for another exciting Symposium next year!