We may be plant geeks…

But we also love animals especially the African Penguins.  We could not resist posting this fun video of these tuxedo dressed favorites for all you penguin lovers (ahem Keelin)…

And live music…Here’s a selection from the outdoor concert series at Kirstenbosch featuring Freshlyground.  Too bad there isn’t an ultra zoom option in video mode because we were sure Shari was up on stage!

*This is taking more bandwidth than I currently have access to, but will be sure to post as soon as possible so check back for these funky African sounds.*

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2 Responses to We may be plant geeks…

  1. Shari Edelson says:

    PENGUINS!!! Why are they so cute?! Do you think they’d make good housepets?

  2. Nancy says:

    I’d love to have a penguin for a pet — my husband would SURELY love that! You all seem to be in paradise!

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