WCU Volume 16, Issue 6 – April 25, 2008

PDF Version of WCU 16:6 – April 25, 2008

In this issue:

Supplemental Label for Zeal
Strawberry Fruit Rots
High Tunnel Tomatoes
Plasticulture Troubleshooting
Control of Poast-Tolerant Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn Response to Callisto, Impact, and Accent
Reflex Will Severely Injure Lima Beans
Grower’s Guide to Understanding Strobilurin Fungicides (FRAC Code 11)

Agronomic Crops
Agronomic Crop Insects
Small Grain Diseases
Fusarium Head Blight and Management Options
Tips for Successful Soybean Production
Grain Marketing Highlights

Water is Needed to “Activate” Soil-Applied Herbicides
Why the Fertilizer Price Increases?

Agronomic Crops Twilight Meeting – May 19
Mid-Atlantic Berry Guide on Web
Small/Beginning Farm Series Workshop: Irrigation for Your Crops and Water Quality – May 15
Recent Topics on Gordon’s Blog
AgrAbility Workshop on Chronic Pain – June 9


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