Preplant Weed Control in No-Till Small Grains

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

No-till small grains require a weed-free seedbed for best results. A weed-free seedbed results in warmer soils and less early competition for light and nutrients. Non-selective herbicides labeled for this use are glyphosate (various formulations) or Gramoxone Inteon. Apply a non-selective (or “burndown”) herbicide at least 7 to 10 days prior to planting. This is especially important when planting into fields where grassy weeds or perennial weeds are problems. Glyphosate is the preferred product if the field has a history of grassy weeds (annual bluegrass, ryegrass, etc.) or if perennial weeds (horsenettle, yellow nutsedge, hemp dogbane, etc.) are presented.

Additional herbicides for use with Gramoxone Inteon or glyphosate include:

Dicamba (Banvel) can be applied at 2 to 4 oz/A with the burndown. There are no planting restrictions with this low rate of Banvel. Otherwise, the interval is 1.25 days per 1 ounce of product; this is 20 days for 1 pint.

Valor SX has a label for tankmixing with a non-selective herbicide to provide residual weed control. A minimum of 30 days must pass, and 1 inch of rain/irrigation must occur, between Valor application and planting winter wheat. Labeled rate is 1 to 2 oz/A.

2,4-D: most 2,4-D products are not labeled for use prior to planting small grains. So be sure to read the label of the specific 2,4-D product you plan to use.

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