Weed Control in Forages

Quintin Johnson, Extension Associate – Weed Science; quintin@udel.edu and Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist; mjv@udel.edu

If you have not done so yet, be sure to examine your hay, pasture, and alfalfa fields for weed infestations. Earlier applications are much more effective than later, as weeds get larger and start to produce seeds. For grass hayfields or pastures, weed control options include dicamba (Banvel or Clarity), 2,4-D, Overdrive, Crossbow, or Cimarron Max. Metsulfuron (active ingredient in Cimarron Max and Cimarron Ultra) and Crossbow provide residual control, while the other products do not. Be sure to read the label and follow all precautions concerning grazing and haying restrictions as well as overseeding and re-seeding restrictions. Remember that grasses seeded last fall should be tillering, actively growing, and mowed at least once before applications of dicamba or 2,4-D can be made.

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