Pesticide Certification and Training Update

Larry Towle, Delaware Department of Agriculture;

You know the old saying; “Change is constant”. Well the latest change coming to the pesticide certification and training program in Delaware is the movement of the pesticide applicator training manuals from the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension offices in the three counties to the Delaware Department of Agriculture office near Camden. This relocation of manuals centralizes all of the initial pesticide certification and training activities to the regulatory agency responsible for the program. The classroom training that was developed and conducted for many years, prior to administering the certification exams has been discontinued in favor of on-line training. All of the presentations that were conducted in the classroom have been placed on a University of Delaware web site and will soon be moved to the Delaware Department of Agriculture web site. The new format will allow pesticide applicators to access the training on their own schedule. Recertification training will continue to be conducted by the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service specialists and agents, trade associations, consultants and vendors in the pesticide industry. Programs that have been approved for recertification credits can be found on the DDA Pesticide Section web site at:

If you have any questions, please contact Larry Towle at the Delaware Department of Agriculture by email at, or by phone at 302-698-4569.


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