Fields Not Treated Yet for No-Till Soybeans

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

Due to the warm weather and good growing conditions, weeds in no-till soybean fields are larger than “normal” for early May. A few things to consider if the fields have not been treated yet:

● Coverage is important due to dense vegetation, keeping gallons per acre in the 20 gallons per acre range is important.

● While 2,4-D can help with some highly sensitive species (primrose), replanting intervals and proximity to sensitive crops will limit its use now.

● Don’t try cutting rates, weeds are large and often reduced rates will not effectively control them, even higher rates may not provide 100% control.

● Choose your herbicides carefully; if multiple species are present more than one herbicide will be needed and be sure they are compatible with one another, and they are going to provide benefit to your situation

● Be realistic in your expectations, controlling large dense populations of weeds is difficult, prioritize those species that are of the biggest concern. Remember a follow up in-crop application may need to be needed sooner than usual after planting to help control some species not killed by burndown treatments.

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