Late Blight Reported on Tomatoes in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist;

There was a confirmed report of late blight on greenhouse grown tomato transplants and in a high tunnel in southern Maryland. This is an isolated occurrence and should be no threat to our area at the present time. This outbreak highlights the continued need for timely scouting of tomatoes and potatoes for the early symptoms and signs of late blight.

Just breaking news is that there was a late blight report from Pennsylvania. Beth Gugino, Extension Vegetable Plant Pathologist at Penn State reports that “at the end of the day on Monday, late blight was confirmed (sporangia observed) on locally grown greenhouse tomato transplants in the Northwest region of Pennsylvania. The grower has destroyed the symptomatic plants and is adjusting his fungicide program. The PA Department of Ag is currently conducting a site visit and is working with the grower to avoid potential spread.”As I said before keep a close watch on emerging potatoes and tomato transplants.

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