Grain Marketing Highlights – September 17, 2010

Carl German, Extension Crops Marketing Specialist;

Introducing The 21st Century Grain Marketing Primer
The primer is an online interactive self-help guide designed for farmers to use to learn more about grain marketing and crop insurance alternatives. The interactive Units cover the following topics: Market Planning; Basis; Cash Market Alternatives; Hedging in Futures; Options on Agricultural Futures; the new Crop Insurance Alternatives; Profitability – How to Market Better Using Crop Insurance, Options, and Making Grain Sales; plus Online Resources. You are invited to use The Farmer’s Grain Marketing Primer at The primer was made possible by funding provided by USDA-RMA, the Delaware Department of Agriculture, and the University of Delaware.

Grain Marketing Discussion Group
Carl L. German, List Owner

The Grain Marketing Discussion Group is an electronic grain marketing club that provides grain and oilseed producers, merchandisers, traders, analysts, industry representatives, educators, and other interested parties a timely forum for addressing grain-marketing issues. Participants in the discussion group can enter or receive information on any and all aspects of grain marketing, marketing alternatives, and marketing strategies. Participants receive a weekly grain market analysis/update. To subscribe to the grain marketing discussion group send a message to with the only message in the text that reads: subscribe This discussion group operates as a closed group, meaning the integrity of the site is maintained by listings to the group having to be approved by the list owner.

See the Announcements section for upcoming grain marketing educational opportunities.

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