WCU Volume 18, Issue 27 – September 17, 2010

PDF Version of WCU 18:27 – September 17, 2010

In this issue:

Last Issue of WCU for 2010

Vegetable Crop Insects
Vegetable Disease Updates
Crop Rotation Planning and Revision
Change in Pre-Harvest Interval for Dual Herbicide in Spinach, Reminder on Waiver
Fall Plasticulture Strawberry Planting and Management
Various End-of Year Items: Less Stress on Vegetables Now, Root Zone Temperature and Tomato Fruit Ripening Problems

Agronomic Crops
Agronomic Crop Insects
Agronomic Crop Disease Updates
Grain Marketing Highlights

Pole Lima Bean Open House – September 21
Wye Pumpkin and Sweet Corn Twilight Meeting – September 21
Field Day for Weed Control in Sustainable or Organic Vegetables – September 30
Managing Price Risk on Stored Grain Webinar – October 12
Southeast Strawberry Expo – November 8-10
Mid-Atlantic Crop Management School – November 16-18
Delaware Agriculture Week – January 17-22
Regional Women in Ag Conference – January 25-26, 2011
Delaware Hort Industry Expo & Pesticide Conference – January 26-27


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