Burning Down Cover Crops

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist; mjv@udel.edu

When burning down cover crops this spring, be aware of a few things. Gramoxone Inteon or glyphosate are your two best options, Gramoxone Inteon can be inconsistent with many of the grass cover crops, particularly with annual ryegrass. The addition of atrazine, simazine, or metribuzin will improve the control of Gramoxone Inteon for burndown; furthermore, Gramoxone is not as effective on cloudy, overcast days. Glyphosate is more consistent for control of grass cover crops, however, annual ryegrass is difficult to control and may require higher glyphosate rates. Tankmixing glyphosate with atrazine (or atrazine containing herbicides) can reduce the activity of glyphosate and tankmixing should be avoided when treating annual ryegrass. Glyphosate can also be inconsistent with some of the broadleaf cover crops. The addition of 2,4-D will improve control of legumes, rape or canola.


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