Small Grain Weed Control

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

I have looked at a few fields of winter wheat or barley where growers were concerned about lack of weed control. Turns out these fields had jagged chickweed or speedwell in them, which spring applications of Harmony Extra do not control. Based on our observations either Osprey or Harmony Extra applied in the fall did do a good job of controlling jagged chickweed. Speedwells are not controlled with Harmony Extra. We have trials this spring and will have more to share with you by fall, but most of the products that can be sprayed this late in the season do not control speedwell.

For wild garlic control, Harmony Extra is the product of choice and the label allows two applications per season. But, be sure to read the label for the total amount that can be used per season.

Common chickweed

Common chickweed

Jagged chickweed


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