A Few Changes to Rotational Intervals for Herbicides

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist; mjv@udel.edu

Since the Weed Control Manuals were updated last fall, I have been made aware of a few label changes for crop rotations. The label for Raptor now requires a longer interval for barley (9 months); and intervals for alfalfa, lima beans, snap beans, and peas are shorter (no restriction for these crops). Basis rotations also are not correct in the guides, most notably barley has been shortened to 4 months, cucumber 10 months, and tomatoes 1 month; while snap beans and peas have switched from 8 to 10 months and squash is now 18 months. Remember our guides are revised in September and any changes made since then are not updated so it is important that you always refer back to the current label.


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