Soil-Applied Herbicides to Emerged Field Corn

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

There are times (like this year) that corn has been planted and is emerged without residual herbicides being applied. Or to reduce the risk of crop injury, the residual herbicides are applied as the corn begins to emerge. Most of the soil-applied herbicides can be applied to emerged field corn. Only those products containing atrazine will provide control of weeds that have already emerged; so if there are emerged weeds, you may need an additional product to help control them. The following is a table for applying residual herbicides to emerged corn with maximum height of corn at time of application.

Herbicide Maximum Corn Height
Atrazine 12 inches
Callisto 30 inches or 8 leaf
Dual II Magnum/Cinch 12 inches
30 inches with RR corn
Outlook 12 inches
Princep do not apply to emerged corn
Prowl/Prowl H2Oa 30” or 8 collar, whichever is more restrictive
Sharpen do not apply to emerged corn
Topnotch/Harness/Degree/Breakfree 11 inches


Basis no later than 2 collars
Bicep II Magnum/Cinch ATZ 12 inches
Bullet 5 inches
Expert 12 inches with RR corn
Fultime/Keystone/Breakfree ATZ 11 inches
Guardsman Max 12 inches
Harness Xtra/Degree Xtra 11 inches
Hornet WDG 20 inches
Lexar 12 inches
Lumax 12 inches
Sequence (RR corn only) 30 inches
SureStart/TripleFlex 11 inches
Verdict do not apply to emerged corn


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