Small Grain Disease Update – May 20, 2011

Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist;

Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) in Wheat Update: Although the recent weather pattern early this week has been favorable for head scab in wheat, most of the wheat in Sussex and Kent County has completed flowering by now and not likely to become infected with scab. If you have wheat that is flowering now consider a fungicide application of Caramba or Prosaro. Wheat that is about 5 days or more past initial flowering cannot be treated. The labels state the last stage of application is mid-flower and there is a 30-day to harvest restriction.

Scab identified on barley. We just received a sample of ‘Nomini’ barley from Kent County and have confirmed a scab (Fusarium head blight) infection on the top 6-7 kernels. The sample was only two heads and several plants but growers will want to keep an eye out for bleached heads on barley from here on out. Nothing can be done now but increasing fan speed on the combine at harvest which can help blow the lighter chaffy infected grains out of the combine. Hopefully this turns out to be an isolated find.


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