Postemergence Pokeweed Control

Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

A few questions have come in about controlling common pokeweed postemergence in field corn. We had a trial a few years ago with tall pokeweed (sprayed in late June) and had results similar to a study contacted at Southern Illinois University. Dicamba [Banvel, Clarity, Sterling]; Distinct; NorthStar, and Callisto were the best treatments for conventional corn hybrids. Glyphosate was also effective if Roundup Ready corn was planted. Our trial did not include Lightning, but the SIU trial reported good control with Lightning with Clearfield corn. For soybeans, glyphosate is the best option. In non-Roundup Ready soybeans, Synchrony was fair (but requires STS-soybeans) or FirstRate which was only fair in the SIU trial.


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