Insecticide Label Updates for Vegetable Crops

Joanne Whalen, Extension IPM Specialist;

Please note that there is no longer a Special Local Needs 24C Label for the use of Diazinon AG500 for wireworm management in potatoes in Delaware. This label has been cancelled by the manufacturer so it is no longer legal to use diazinon on potatoes in Delaware.

Besiege and Voliam Xpress Labels
Syngenta Crop Protection recently announced that succulent beans (peas and beans) and sweet corn have been removed from the federal Voliam Xpress label and have been added to the federal Besiege label (you will see this change in the labels currently posted on cdms). We also have the state label for Besiege in Delaware which includes sweet corn and succulent beans (as a reminder — you need both a state and federal label to apply any product). It is my understanding that all states will eventually have a Besiege state label that includes sweet corn and succulent beans; however, you will need to contact your state Department of Agriculture to determine when this will occur in other states. At this point, Syngenta has indicated that sweet corn and succulent beans will eventually be pulled in all states from the Voliam Xpress label. However, they will not be producing any new Voliam Xpress until September 2012 with the new label. So existing stocks of Voliam Xpress that have sweet corn and succulent beans on the label should be OK to use until new product is in the market place – be sure to check with your Department of Agriculture for confirmation as well as read the label on the container – the label is the law. At this point, all other vegetable crops (except sweet corn and succulent beans) will remain on the Voliam Xpress label.

Besiege Federal Label Currently on cdms —

Voliam Xpress Label Currently on cdms –

Vegetables Added to the Belt Insecticide Label
Bayer CropScience recently announced that a number of vegetables have been added to the Belt insecticide label. The insecticide product Synapse, which also contains the same active ingredient as Belt, flubendiamide, will be phased out. Once the Synapse inventory is depleted, Bayer will carry only Belt as their flubendiamide product. Please see the Belt label for crops labeled, use rates and restrictions. (

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