WCU Volume 16, Issue 1 – February 29, 2008

PDF Version of WCU 16:1, February 29, 2008 

In this Issue:
From the Editor: Special Wheat Issue and Subscription Information for the 2008 WCU

Wheat Pests
Management of Hessian Fly in the Spring
Management of Aphids: Barley Yellow Dwarf Transmission and Direct Aphid Damage in the Spring
Winter Grain Mites
Cereal Leaf Beetle
True Armyworms and Grass Sawfly

Wheat Diseases
Powdery Mildew Questions and Answers
Septoria and Stagonospora Diseases

Wheat Water & Nutrients
Irrigating Wheat
Nitrogen Applications to Wheat in a Cover Crop Program that Restricts Fertilization until Mid-March 2008
Wheat Nutrition – Adding an Extra Touch
Wheat Nutrition – Secondary Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Even More Wheat Info
Small Grain Weed Control
Precautions for Herbicide Use with Nitrogen Applications in Small Grains
New Confusion Formulations for Small Grain Herbicides
Understanding the Falling Number Wheat Quality Test
Will Spring Wheat Work in Delaware? Not Very Well

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