WCU Volume 20, Issue 7 – May 4, 2012

PDF Version of WCU 20:7 – May 4, 2012

In this issue:

Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Crop Insects
Blackhawk Naturalyte Insecticide Label
Potato Late Blight Confirmed in North Carolina
Inspect Watermelon and Cantaloupe Transplants, New Bacterial Fruit Blotch Factsheet
Disinfecting Flats for Transplants
Air Pollution Damage to Transplants in the Greenhouse

Agronomic Crops
Agronomic Crop Insects
Touching Up No-Till Soybean Fields
Look at Those Early Planted Corn Fields
Grain Marketing Highlights

Black Light and Pheromone Trapping Program Has Begun
Application Deadline for USDA Organic Initiative Approaching


2012 Wye REC Strawberry Twilight – May 9
University of Delaware Small Fruit Twilight – May 22


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