WCU Volume 20, Issue 22 – August 17, 2012

PDF Version of WCU 20:22 – August 17, 2012

Alerts Added August 20
Watermelon Downy Mildew Alert!
Tomato Late Blight Confirmed in Baltimore Co., MD

Vegetable Crops
Vegetable Crop Insects
Pumpkin Downy Mildew Alert!
Poor Fruit Set in Pumpkins
Stink Bugs are Bad in Some Tomato Fields – But it is Not BMSB

Agronomic Crops
Agronomic Crop Insects
Charcoal Rot of Soybeans
Grain Marketing Highlights

Extension Vegetable & Fruit Program Open House – August 21
Delaware Soybean Field Day – August 22
UD Corn Hybrid Trial Tour & Twilight Meeting – August 29
UD Field Day for Sustainable and Organic Agriculture – September 13
Workshops for Farmers with Drought-Plagued Fields – September 17
2012 Delmarva Poultry Conference – September 26


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