Small Grains Crop Insurance Deadline for Delaware is September 30

Carl German, Extension Crops Marketing Specialist;

The Raleigh Regional office, USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA), reminds Delaware small grains producers that September 30, 2008 is the final date for those not currently insured to apply for crop insurance on wheat or barley. Current policyholders likewise have until September 30 to make any changes to their policies. Price elections for 2009 are as follows:
● $6.50 per bushel for wheat
● $4.60 per bushel for barley

Wheat insureds may also choose among several plans of coverage, including Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC), Group Risk Plan (GRP), and Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP). CRC offers protection against a decline in market price while GRP and GRIP offer a lowered-cost coverage based on a county-wide average yield. For more information, log onto the RMA Web site at or contact a local crop insurance agent as soon as possible. A list of agents is maintained at the local USDA Farm Service Agency office and on the RMA Web site at


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