Fungicide Update for Vegetables 2009

Bob Mulrooney, Extension Plant Pathologist;

Lima Beans
Ridomil Gold/Copper is now labeled nationally for control of downy mildew on lima beans. A 24c label is no longer needed for DE and MD.

Fungi-Phite is a phosphorus acid salt fungicide similar to Phostrol and is now labeled for downy mildew on lima beans. I have had this product in my tests for two years and it has performed extremely well, comparable to Ridomil/Gold Copper and Phostrol. Availability may be limited. It is not listed in the 2009 Commercial Vegetable Recs.

Cantaloupe and Watermelon
Quintec 2.08SC from Dow AgroSciences was labeled during last season and is a good powdery mildew fungicide in a new FRAC group 13 that can be alternated with Rally or Procure in addition to Pristine.

The Bravo label has been expanded to include peppers (bell pepper, chili pepper, cooking pepper, pimento, sweet pepper), gourds, eggplant, okra, rhubarb, and cabbage. These new changes are not in the 2009 Commercial Vegetable Recs. With the phasing out of maneb these Bravo additions will replace many of the maneb applications on these crops that might be grown in DE.

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