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Joanne Whalen, Extension IPM Specialist;

Seed Corn Maggots (SCM) Control in Spring Planted Vegetables
We continue to observe flies actively laying eggs in a number of situations including recently plowed fields, especially when a cover crop is plowed under or when manure was applied to a field. Spring planted vegetables susceptible to maggot damage include cole crops, melons, peas, snap beans, spinach, and sweet corn. Control options can include commercial applied seed treatments, or soil insecticides; however, not all options are available for all crops. The hopper box treatment, Latitude (imidacloprid) is available in our area and is only labeled on sweet corn. Please refer to the labels as well as the following link for control options –

Be sure to sample peas for pea aphids as soon as small seedlings emerge. Before the recent rains, weather conditions (cool and dry) were favorable for aphids. On small plants, you should sample for aphids by counting the number of aphids on 10 plants in 10 locations throughout a field. On larger plants, take 10 sweeps in 10 locations. As a general guideline, a treatment is recommended if you find 5-10 aphids per plant or 50 or more aphids per sweep. Be sure to check labels for application restrictions during bloom.

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