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Pests of Honey Bees

PDB crystals in use to protect stored equipment

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If supers must be stored in a warm room or basement or stored during the summer and fall months, they can be protected by using paradichlorobenzene (PDB) crystals. These crystals are placed on a small piece of paper between every fifth super in a stack, which should then be covered. The treatment must be continued at regular intervals as PDB kills adults and immature wax moths, but not eggs. The continuous presence of crystals within the stack repels moths, prohibits egg laying, and also kills any young larvae that hatch after the combs are placed in storage. Supers should be aired out before using them on colonies. See label for details on using PDB. CAUTION: Moth balls and crystals made from naphthalene, another common stored-product fumigant, should not be used for wax moth control.